RFID Dry Inlay

RFID Dry inlay can be insurt in products, made as rfid tag or labels, any shape and size can be customized.

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RFID Dry Inlay

rfid dry inlay can be insurt any rfid products

Model Number
RFID inlay
HF:13.56MHz; UHF:860MHz – 960MHz

UHF:Alien H3/4,Monza4/5;

HF:ICODE SLIX,Ultralight(C),NTAG213,F08,etc.

UHF:512 bits/ 128 bits; HF:128byte/64byte/144byte/1Kbyte

ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)


Antenna size
Dia 21,40*40,44*46,30*45,70*17,93*19 or customized
AL-etching antenna, PET substrate,Copper
Operating Temperature
-25°C to + 50°C
Store Temperature
-40°C to + 65°C
Read/Write Cycles
100,000 times
Reading Range


HF:1-10cm (depends on the reader and the environment)



Warehouse inventory




Asset Management


Story of RFID Dry Inlay

rfid chip systemEveryday mealtime In college canteen is the busiest time, and crowed with full of students, waiting a long time for their meals. However no matter how anxious students are, the speed can not up any more, workers have to calculate the total price and then deduct it from their E-card. If workers pushed too much, may cause some mistake.

But some college use different color bowl, and one worker stand by the calculate machine without doing anything, students just put different bowls and cards on the calculator, then leave. Fast speed without anxious and pushing.

How to achieve it?

The secret in the bowl. Different rfid chip or inlay embedded in different color bowl, stands for different price of the dish, put all dishes on the reader— calculator, the total price would deduct from students’ E-card, the worker stand aside just inspect the calculator works and avoid any students forgot put dishes on the reader. Finish the whole process only need seconds and no mistake by human.

The rfid chip is heat resisting, and have film protected from washing.

More and more public institution adopted this system to save time, and provide a good experience.

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