RFID Windshield Tag
RFID Windshield Tag

RFID Windshield Tag applied in vehicle tracking and management of washing, production, with rfid technology make everything fast and efficient.

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RFID Windshield Tag

rfid windshield tag manage car coming and out easily

RFID Windshield Tag

Frequency: 860~960MHz

Protocol: ISO18000-6C

Memory: 512bits

Storage Temp:   -25℃~+75℃

Working Temp:  -25℃~+65℃

Data Protecting: Password access, self-destruct feature. Data Retention is 10 years, the write endurance is  100,000 cycles

Reading distance: 0~8Meters (read throught the glass)

Numbering Options:  serialized/unserialized numbers and bar code with human readable numbers.

Print a registered company logo or instructional information on the RFID Windshield Tag. You can even print the same variable number or bar code on the surface.


Vehicle Tracking: Like logistics park, manage vehicles coming into and go out, to make sure only permit vehicles can entre that area, also record the time and times of each car come in and out.
Car Washes: In a big car wash store, they would like to use RFID manage how many cars washed, and related car NO., when client come to pick up their car, can check on the reception desk easily know car stay in which district.
Fleet Management: Manufacturer use rfid technology to manage the productions.
Gated Community – Controlled Access

Story of RFID windshield tag

RFID Tag on car windshield

A large Steel Plant factory with thousands of workers, so cars would have hundreds pass by everyday, how to make sure all those cars are warranted? Remember the car number? I think no body can make it without mistake, Maybe take a traffic permit card, but how about this card lost or taken by others, and some accident happened, then who will take charge of this?rfid windshield labels

An RFID tag on car windshield can solve this problem. Rfid windshield can make of fragile paper, use UHF chip, connect with UHF reader, set on the gate of the factory, rfid windshield sticker put on the windshield, encode the car number, once the car pass by the gate, reader record the car number and permit the car get into the factory, also record the time and how times per day. The driver can not move the label to another car, once move it, the label is useless, not complicated anymore.

At the same time, rfid system saved too much time when cars are too much at the peak time.

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