NFC tag makes life easier and convenient,people can make transactions easily,exchange digital content,access control,connect electronic devices with a touch.

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NFC tag plays an important role in life

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standards-based short-range wireless connectivity technology.
Makes life easier and more convenient,people can make transactions easily,exchange digital content,access control,connect electronic devices with a touch,save much time.
Using in gaming,to make records of the game. also adopted in health care products, give the feedback anywhere. NFC tags for marketing and retail& payment would be a good choice.

 Material  Frenquency  Chip  Specification  Application




 ISO 14443
A,B Sony
Ntag 203
Mifare ultralight
Mifare ultrlaight c
 Based on ISO1443A,can be read and write,

usually store some small information like website and number

Based on Sony Felica system, 2K room,

suitable for complicated supplication

Touch and Go: Tickets

Touch and Pay:E-wallet

Touch and Connect:Transfer information

NFC Tag used around our life

You may usually heard NFC, which stands for near field communication. also Apple Pay put NFC technology it it. let’s see other NFC applications:

NFC tag doesn’t just enable contactless payment systems,however. It can also be used in a variety of applications,including loyalty programs, card access,transit passes and more.nfc-applications

One of the most exciting emerging NFC tag applications is business cards. NFC technology transforms ordinary business cards into information-sharing opportunities that go far beyond the printed card. By placing an NFC-enabled business card in close proximity to a smartphone, you can:
•Send your contact information directly to a recipient’s phone
•Play a demo video
•Download a product catalog
•Download a presentation or image gallery
•Launch an inquiry form or email signup form
•Launch a webpage
•Launch a social media site
•Launch a map
•Launch an app page

NFC tag also used in smart home:
Connect electronic devices, such as wireless components in a home office system or a headset with a mobile phone, you can control the switch on your phone.
Access digital content, using a wireless device such as a cell phone to read a “smart” poster embedded with an RF tag.

Used outsite for advertising:
Reading information and “picking up” special offers, coupons and discounts from smart posters or smart billboards.
Used for transportation:
Storing tickets to access transportation gates, parking garages or get into events.

In fact, anything you can link to on the Internet is at your disposal. Since NFC business cards rely on the Internet to deliver content, you can program your cards to allow updating of linked content on the fly, so it will always be fresh.

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